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Learn more about our latest video tutorials added to The Gnomon Workshop library here and discover the artists who created them. All of these workshops are ready for you to watch immediately!

  Nov 07, 2023

Animal Anatomy: Modeling a Fossa

From Skeleton to Final Creature Sculpt with Aritz Basauri Approaching realistic creature modeling...

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  Nov 03, 2023

Creating Stopmotion Felt in Substance 3D Designer

Procedural Surfacing using Substance 3D Designer, Maya & V-Ray with Christopher Barischoff Substance 3D...

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  Nov 01, 2023

Dynamic Effects Animation for Games

Houdini, Photoshop & Unreal Workflow with Antonio Cappiello Create an impressive dissolving character VFX...

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  Oct 26, 2023

Creating Key Illustrations for Videogames

Environment Storytelling Using SketchUp & Photoshop with Eddie Bennun Videogame concept artists are tasked...

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  Oct 18, 2023

High-Fidelity Environment Design

Blender, 3D-Coat & Photoshop Workflow with Jannis Mayr Design an immersive world using Blender,...

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  Oct 13, 2023

Creating a Dynamic Character Illustration

Keyframe Workflow using 3D-Coat, Daz3D & Photoshop with Bram Sels Learn how to unlock...

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  Oct 05, 2023

Animating a Complex Fight Action Sequence in Maya

Advanced Body Mechanics with Peter Dang In this advanced animation workshop, Peter Dang...

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  Sep 15, 2023

Create Disintegration VFX in Houdini & Nuke

Effects Workflow using Vellum, Particles, Pyro & Flip with Choi Gil Nam Learn how...

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  Sep 07, 2023

Introduction to Ziva VFX: Volume 2

Soft-Tissue Simulation using Ziva VFX, Maya & Wrap 3D with Madhav Shyam Following on...

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  Aug 18, 2023

Real-Time Character & Environment Lighting

Lighting for Games & Cinematics Using Unreal Engine 5 with Eric Roin Learn cinematic...

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  Aug 15, 2023

Environment 3D Matte Painting Techniques

Environment Workflow using PureRef, World Creator, Blender, Nuke & Photoshop with Koke Nunez Dive...

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  Aug 04, 2023

Creating a Monolithic City in Unreal Engine 5

An Environment Generalist Workflow with Jianfeng Li (Allan) Explore the complete workflow for...

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