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Learn more about our latest video tutorials added to The Gnomon Workshop library here and discover the artists who created them. All of these workshops are ready for you to watch immediately!

  Jun 13, 2024

Creating a Quadruped Rig for Production

Rigging Techniques using Maya with Paween Sarachan Improve the quality of your rigs...

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  Jun 06, 2024

3D Weapon Design VR Workflow

Concepting using Substance 3D Modeler & Blender with Bryant Momo Koshu Design 3D...

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  May 30, 2024

The Art of Visual Storytelling

3ds Max, After Effects & Photoshop Workflow with Ronan Le Fur (a.k....

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  May 23, 2024

Creating Cinematics in Unreal Engine 5

Production-Ready Workflow using UE5 with Kosuke Iwasaki Familiarize yourself with creating cinematics in...

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  May 17, 2024

Creating Clothing for Characters in Marvelous Designer

3D Workflow using Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Blender & Photoshop with Olena Zykova...

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  May 10, 2024

Animating for Feature Films

Animation Techniques using Maya & animBot with Mike Wilson Walk through the creation...

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  May 02, 2024

Animating a Recall for Games

Animation Workflow using Clip Studio Paint & Maya with Benjamin Davis Discover how...

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  Apr 24, 2024

Art Directing Explosions using Axiom in Houdini

Create a Barrell Explosion using Houdini, Axiom & Nuke with Ganesh Lakshmigandan Discover...

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  Apr 18, 2024

Designing Spaceships for Games

Interior & Exterior Vehicle Design Using Blender & Photoshop with Jort van Welbergen...

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  Apr 04, 2024

Cinematic Concept Art for Films & Games

2D-to-3D Workflow using Photoshop, Blender, Materialize & DAZ Studio with Jarold Sng Explore...

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  Mar 28, 2024

Building Natural Environments using Gaea & Houdini

Environment Creation & Look-Dev Techniques with Rasha Shalaby Rasha Shalaby takes environment artists...

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  Mar 20, 2024

2D & 3D Character Design in Photoshop & Blender

From Concept to Final Render with Francesco Guarini Learn how to develop a...

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