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Ganesh Lakshmigandan

Senior FX Technical Director at Weta FX

Ganesh Lakshmigandan is a Senior FX Artist at Weta FX in Vancouver, Canada. His impressive credits include Avatar: The Way of Water, Dune: Part One, and Dunkirk. When he’s not noodling in Houdini, Ganesh can be found enjoying his passion for street photography in his spare time. 

Follow Ganesh on Instagram at @g.lakshmigandan.

  • Ganesh is one of the most talented artists I have had the honor to work with, especially when it comes to CG fire; he knows exactly how to set it up, and what to change in order to address any sort of notes and make the fire look natural. I am thrilled about this [workshop], it is for sure very valuable because it’s backed up by real production experience and the high expertise Ganesh has acquired over the years.

    - David Moraton
    FX Supervisor at Weta FX, New Zealand