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Cinematic Concept Art for Films & Games

2D-to-3D Workflow using Photoshop, Blender, Materialize & DAZ Studio with Jarold Sng


Explore the creation of compelling cinematic concept artwork, from start to finish, in this comprehensive workshop by seasoned professional Jarold Sng. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced concept artist, you'll delve into every aspect of the creative process, from the initial planning to the final execution.

Jarold begins by exploring sketching techniques and photo-bashing in Photoshop, sharing how to quickly generate compelling concepts. The workflow then transitions into Blender, where you'll learn sculpting, modeling, material creation, and lighting setup to bring your ideas to life in 3D.

Throughout this 6.5-hour workshop, Jarold shares his practical tips and expert insights garnered from many years of industry experience, emphasizing not just the technical aspects but also the artistry behind the process. From refining your artistic pipeline to honing your thought process, this workshop is tailored to elevate your skills and understanding, regardless of your current proficiency level.

Included with the workshop are all the final PSD files and Blender project files to help with everything you need to study and dissect the techniques demonstrated. While beginners are welcome, familiarity with Photoshop and Blender will enhance your experience and allow you to fully grasp the concepts presented.

Duration: 6h 31m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Jarold Sng

Art Director at Larian Studios

Jarold Sng is a Concept Artist, Designer, and Art Director based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has worked on many projects, including Gears of War, Sega Racing, and Starcraft Remastered. He is the co-founder of a boutique art studio Ten Ten Studio, which specializes in providing external art services to the video game industry from projects like PUBG: Mobile, Delta Force, Diablo Immortal, and Baldur’s Gate 3. Jarold is currently an Art Director at Larian Studios, a video game developer founded in Belgium who are the makers of the Divinity game series, as well as Baldur’s Gate 3.

Follow Jarold on Instagram @jaroldsng and Facebook @jarold.sng.

  • Having collaborated with Jarold for some time, I can vouch for his remarkable skills and strong creative vision. He is not only an exceptional artist but also a remarkable teacher who has helped many artists grow their skills and become professionals in the industry.

    - Alena Dubrovina
    Art Director at Larian Studios

  • I've known Jarold to be a skilled and visionary artist ever since I've had the pleasure to collaborate with him 10 years ago. Alongside honing his own artistic skills, he's passionate about sharing and teaching what he's learned. I think he's got a knack for translating ideas to visuals and articulating the entire process in a precise and digestible way.

    - Hoi Mun
    Freelance Concept Artist/Illustrator

  • Jarold is a very talented concept artist and art director with years of experience in the industry and as an educator. I always recommend Jarold to anyone who is looking for a professional concept artist, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to grow as an artist to watch this workshop.

    - Robin Thomasson
    UI/UX Designer & Concept Artist at Arrowhead Game Studios

  • Jarold excels in clever problem solving, combined with a compelling and unique design aesthetic that is truly inspirational. He is extremely versatile with the ability to work across a large number of styles and genres and be equally effective in all of them.

    - Jamie Norton
    Freelance Concept Designer